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We are reputed Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Distributor of FIBRO TUFF Doors, Synthetic Polymer Doors, FRP Composite Doors, Waterproof Doors, Weatherproof Doors, Termite Proof Flush Doors, Pine Wood Doors and our set up is situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.
Leaders in FRP Products Since 1996... AND now its an Next step of frp we are manufacturing synthetic polymer doors We are one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic polymer doors and frames in India since 1996 . We manufacture rigid synthetic polymer Doors in various esthetic designs with unlimited life span. We have an installed capacity of more than 60000 doors and frames in a year. Our Synthetic polymer doors are rigid, termite resistant, water proof, light weight, corrosion resistant, maintenance free, esthetic and hygienic, so that they are well suited to withstand any kind of environmental condition. Customized synthetic polymer Doors and Frames

We have the technical know-how and reputation in the market for manufacturing and delivering high quality customized FRP and synthetic polymer doors also. We can provide the customer with doors and frames designed to meet his whim. Our products are available in a wide range of colors and if needed the customer can decide on customized color schemes also. We are manufacturing of reinforced (pine wood) and P.U. foam procurer doors its called synthetic polymer doors. These doors are of composite materials which combine the durability & versatility of polyester matrix with the strength of glass fiber. We manufacture and supply good quality fiber doors.


Wood has strength & screw holding capacity. But, wood can not be waterproof, weatherproof, termite proof or fire resistant. Polishing & maintenances is required to doors. By using wood as core material, our product gives benefits of wood like strength & screw holding. It becomes waterproof, termite proof & fire resistant. All our products are supplied with in built permanent colors (PIGMENT COLOUR) or finishes. Hence... Our products are... With wood...More than wood. FRP - Fiber reinforced polymer is a composite made from reinforcement in a polymer matrix. By reinforcing polymer matrix, wide variety of physical strength and properties Can be designed to the FRP composites can be developed specifically for the Performance required versus traditional like wood, metal, and ceramics etc.